Institute of Language Management (ILM) trains students to attain a high degree of proficiency in functional Communicative English,  and  help students to develop their  interpersonal skills. Apart from classroom training ILM organises various activities like ILM Info Theme Corner, English quiz, Critical thinking, English Writing Competitions, Group Discussions and mock interviews. Along with functional English ILM stresses on activity based classroom grammar training which involves student participation through a skit, comedy central, Hollywood movie dialogues and two liners. A certain aspect of training used  by CELTA trainers are taught to students like CCC (Concept, Check, Questions).

In the year 2014 ILM achieved a milestone to be the first English Language Institute in Asia to be accredited by SQA ( Scottish Qualification Authority) and conducts ILM-SQA exams for Undergraduate and postgraduate students. ILM-SQA exams helps the prospective students to show their English proficiency to their potential employers and also helps them gain admission to foreign Universities. They will also help students to achieve their ambitions to: 

  • Find work abroad in their chosen field of Engineering  
  • Helps the students work with international organisations like IBM, Google in India
  • study Postgraduate Engineering subjects taught in English.

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